Meet the Farmers

Jørn & Emil

A product we can be proud of

Jørn Mortensen is one of Them Andelsmejeri's 13 members. Together with his wife Inger and his son Emil, who is married to Sanne, he runs Nørskovgård close to Funder, 12 km from Them. They live together, eat together and work together every single day. And they have a common position to good farming and how to make the cows thrive in the best possible way.

From the moment the calves are born, they must be cared for and nurtured. The very best thing for farmers like us is to see healthy animals that thrive and feel good.

Jørn Mortensen has inherited Nørskovgård from Frode Mortensen, who bought it in 1944. Now the next generation is ready, and Emil will take over when Jørn retires.

Jørn Mortensen

Happiness and Great Milk

Cows, smiles and dairy

"When the animals are well, you get good milk, from which good cheese can be made. Everything we do for the well-being of the cows does something for the quality of the cheeses that our dairy produces, ”adds Emil. "It all goes up in a higher unit, and it gives daily job satisfaction to help create a product we can be proud of."

Jørn sees it as a great advantage to be part of a small local dairy rather than being supplier to a giant company. "We sit at the table, we help make the decisions, and the director is never further away than one's own mobile phone. We really feel that this is our dairy, and it is very motivating and satisfying to follow things closely, ”he says.

Nørskovgård is 200 hectares (2 square kilometers), and the herd counts 185 cows. Jørn became a member in 1969, when Funder Dairy was closed down. And things here are in order. Wherever you look, it is neat and tidy. They also grow the feed themselves, because as they say: "Then we know where it comes from and that the quality is as it should be."

The cows walk in a large, modern barn with a good indoor climate and lots of light and air. Jørn and Emil have also invested in milking robots, which are available to the cows 24 hours a day, and there are many benefits to this.

“It is fantastic to experience nature and go for a walk in the stable and see that the calves thrive. We can plan everyday life ourselves. And we can even go out to the cottage for a couple of days once in a while, ”says Jørn. They also prefer to spend their free time in nature. A trip to Copenhagen "is nice enough", but the best thing is to go hunting or just have fun with friends. And the circle of friends also consists of others than the other members of Them Andelsmejeri. "We have a lot of friends who are involved in something other than agriculture," says Jørn, and adds with a smile "it is not crucial for us whether you smell of cow."